Roman & die Staatsanwälte

Wir waren die wohl beste Band der Welt, aber alles hat ein Ende.
We probably have been the best band you never heard so most of this is already history, but ... don't Panic!

(Our lyrics are german; ever heard in english they would sweep the ocean - right after the mud shark! - if you would like to have some translation, mail us)

News as of April 2021:
Link to our No. 1 hit "Warmer Regen" fixed! Click on "Unsere Musik im Netz"

Unsere Musik im Netz (music, mp3)
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Roman Bruhn - bass, voc * Jürgen Dähn - all guitars * Jörg Schmitz - drums, keyb
Ralph Illauer - git, voc * Olaf Otten - sax, fun & chaos
Magnus Bruhn - front man on black fun guitar * Lars Lübcke - The Fan With The T-Shirt

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